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Registration Process

Enrollment for 2023/24 is Closed

For accepted families- deposits and contracts/applications will be accepted by August 15th, 2023. Deposits are refundable if you have a change of plans but we appreciate advanced notice of other plans. 

Steps to register:

1. Read through our entire Health Plan on line. (No need to print.) It has recently changed due to changes in current Covid policies and Day Care regulations. It may change during the school year to reflect current NYS OCFS and Little Wings Covid policies.

2. Print & complete the Application/Handbook/ContractPlease note that an updated version of the application was placed on-line 7/26/23 and you need to use this version. Print and complete the Day Care Enrollment Form (Blue Card) AND the Child in Care Medical Form (also known to pediatricians as the Daycare Form) below. This will require a current physical and being up to date on vaccinations. Last year's will not work- I need an updated form. Make note of the additional forms you will need your doctor to fill out if your child has asthma or a severe allergy or has special needs or disabilities. You may print them out yourself after searching for the OCFS form number online, or you can request them from me and we will mail them. 

3. Enclose Application/Contract, Day Care Enrollment Form, and Child in Care Medical Form    (also known to pediatricians as the Daycare Form) with $500 deposit written to: Little Wings Childcare LLC. 

3. Mail with proper postage (at least $1.25 because it is a LOT of paper) or deliver to: Little Wings Farm School, 270 Wing Road, Greenfield, NY 12833

4. You will hear from us via e-mail once we receive your application and check through if you are missing anything!

Thanks and welcome to the family!

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