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Registration Process

Enrollment for 2022/23 is Closed
We have had an overwhelming number of requests for programming for fall of 2022/23! Thank you to everyone who has reached out to try to get on our waiting list. It means a lot to me that you see what we are doing and support us! Because we have included 3 year olds and decided to proceed with a mixed age group into the future, many of our students will be returning next year. We filled up by April of this school year and then the requests began coming in for fall of next year and beyond. We apologize to those who are missing out. 
We have decided to stay with a M-Th 9-12 AM program for 12 children in 2022/2023. We are currently full for the 2022/2023 AM program and have formed a waiting list for subsequent years as well. We will place current students and their siblings first and then will fill open spots in the order they appear on our waiting list. Each year, there may only be 1-2 spots available after returning students and siblings are given preference. If you would love to have your child at Little Wings, please send your name, address, email and phone number, your child's full name and birthday as well as the year you are interested in attending and we will try our best to accommodate you! We are strongly considering adding a 12:30-3:30 PM program for 2023/24 for 4 year olds or non-napping 3 year olds. At this time we are still working on our outdoor spaces to give us more versatility. So this will be another building year for us leading to more options for outdoor programming.

For accepted families- deposits and applications will be accepted by July 1st. Deposits are refundable if you have a change of plans but we appreciate advanced notice of other plans. 

Steps to register:

1. Read through our entire Health Plan on line. (No need to print.) It has recently changed due to changes in current Covid policies and Day Care regulations. It will change often during the school year to reflect current NYS OCFS and Little Wings Covid and Masking policies.


Note: we started the school year in masks indoors and out but have recently voted as a school community to make masks parents' choice for outdoors. Masks are still required inside my home. We also require a negative rapid test for a child to return to program after a Covid infection and we require a negative PCR taken on day 5 after an exposure. A child with symptoms of Covid may return after two negative rapid tests 36 hours apart.

2. Print & complete the Application/Handbook/Contract AND the Day Care Enrollment form AND the Child in Care Medical Form below. This will require a current physical and being up to date on vaccinations. Make note of the additional forms you will need your doctor to fill out if your child has asthma or a severe allergy or has special needs or disabilities. You may print them out yourself after searching for the OCFS form number online, or you can request them from me and we will mail them. 

3. Enclose Application/Contract, Day Care Enrollment Form, and Child in Care Medical Form with $500 deposit written to: Little Wings Childcare LLC. Please note that an updated version of the application was placed on-line 6/22/22 and you will need to use this version.

3. Mail with proper postage (at least $1.25 because it is a LOT of paper) or deliver to: Little Wings Farm School, 270 Wing Road, Greenfield, NY 12833

4. You will hear from us via e-mail once we receive your application.

Thanks and welcome to the family!

Little Wings Application/ Contract/Handbook 
Child in Care Medical Form
Day Care Enrollment Form 
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