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Field Trips

At the cornerstone of our program is the desire to provide hands on, farm-based, experiential learning excursions to farms we love. Each trip will be a unique view of a local operation doing what they do best- apples, pumpkins, cheese, wool, wine, horses, veggies, mushrooms, meat, pickles, milk, eggs, and maple syrup. Not only will the students get to see new places and witness the bounty our local agricultural system provides us, their parents and chaperones will as well. The hope is that we can get behind our local farmers, spread the word and promote them shamelessly to all our friends. Once you've fallen in love with a local farmer, it's hard to buy something from overseas or across the country 3,000 miles away when you can get it from them at a local farmer's market or through a CSA.


All Field Trips will require an adult chaperone to transport and supervise children throughout the duration of the field trip. Some will take us down the road, some may take a bit longer. Babies in arms are welcome to come, though it may not always be appropriate for younger siblings to tag along. Field Trips are covered in our yearly deposit fee for students but occasionally we may ask for money for siblings or parents to participate. Some field trips will require extra money if we are taking home a valuable item from the farm, like a wreath or expensive cheese to taste. 

september : saratoga apple

1174 Rt. 29, Schuylerville NY 12871

We will pick apples, have a tour, watch the cider be pressed and taste apples to see which we like best! We might need a donut and cider too. 

october: fossil stone farms

331 Grange Road, Greenfield, NY 12833

The Spiak Family owns this neighboring farm, which was owned by the son of the Wing family member who founded our farm. They now grow cold hardy wine grapes, board horses and have a winery where they ferment the grape juice and turn it into wine! We will tour the whole farm and see what the winery is producing. We might even get to help harvest and taste the grapes! Did you know they are sweet and delicious? They even throw in a pony ride for all the kiddos. 

november: featherbed lane farm

35 Featherbed Lane, Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Mr. Tim will give us a tour of the greenhouses, fields, barns, and his draft horses Bear and Duke who help plow, weed, harvest and haul around the farm. Featherbed Lane Farm offers one of the best CSA options around and are another farm conserved to be forever farm by Saratoga PLAN. We will learn about what a drafthorse powered CSA is all about.

december: native farm flowers

90 Wing Road, Greenfield, NY 12833

Our neighbor Barbara Jefts is the coolest flower farmer around and we are lucky to have her right next door. We will take a trip to her holiday greenhouse and decorate an evergreen wreath and have hot chocolate and cookies when we are done. We will take many trips to her farm throughout the year to visit her and Meadow and the flowers and experience wonderful programs for the kids. Barbara is an artist who specializes in weddings and also sells items year round from her shop on the farm and at Healthy Living, Four Seasons, and Pitney Meadows Farm. She also offers classes in planting, arranging, silk scarves, wreath making and hypertuffa by appointment.

januarypitney meadows community farm

223 West Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


Pitney Meadows is a unique community farm. They operate as a non-profit and aim to sow knowledge and increase food security for our city. They sell veggies on the farm as well as to local schools and also have a community garden where people can use their raised beds. We will get a chance to enter their greenhouses full of greens and seed some microgreens! Our neighbor Kelly Holzworth is the Assistant Farm Manager there, so we get to see her hard at work. 

march: merck farm and forest

3270 Rt. 315, Rupert, VT 05768

Merck is a place near and dear to my family. It is a working farm and education center that offers classes, miles of trails to use for free, and lovely rustic cabins that are within a few miles of the visitor center to camp in. We've brought Rew here every year of his life in the winter to camp in a cabin as a way to slow down and really be together. They have a fine sugarbush and will offer a program on their large scale maple operation. Maybe you will camp here some day with your family now that you know where it is! 

april: beekman 1802

Sharon Springs, NY


We will visit a very special farm and meet and feed this year's batch of baby goats! Their goat milk started a line of famous beauty products used by many! We will tour the grounds and stop by the shop as well to see all the lovely body products that can be made with goat milk and botanicals.   


june: ariel's farm

194 Northern Pines Rd, Gansevoort, NY 12831

When Francis Ariel, the first owner of Ariel's Farm, settled in Gansevoort he realized he had something special in the naturally sandy soil of the area. They now grow over 15 crops and are always on the lookout to source more produce from other New York State and small production US farms. We will enjoy our final field trip by picking strawberries and having a picnic. 

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