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A Farm Based Preschool

in Greenfield, NY


Our Goals

Little girl watering vegetables, chickens pecking.

We want to provide the earliest learners in our community with a totally radical preschool experience that will deepen their bond with nature, where they can immerse themselves in farm life through the seasons through experiential, hands-on educational experiences on the farm and in the forest. Our hope is that this will mold them into future stewards of local farmland, champions of family farms, and planet protectors truly at home in the woods. Children will leave this program with a deep appreciation for farmers, knowing where their food comes from, ready for kindergarten and full of the wonder that comes with a life lived outside. Come join us!

Farm Life

Chores and Farm-based Learning

The Winglets will spend their time immersed in the daily chores on our farm. Activities could include learning about: Honeybees, chickens, sheep, vegetables, flowers, herbs, watering, feeding, seeding, planting, weeding, pruning, mulching, composting, harvesting, drying, curing, jamming, pickling, baking, foraging, tincturing, beekeeping, foraging, sawing, felting, mapling, collecting, gathering, making salves and balms, soap and just plain eating!

Snowy mountain road

Monthly Field Trips

Touring our Favorite Farms!

One day each month we will tour a new local farm! We have trips planned to an orchard, a vineyard, a drafthorse powered CSA, a flower farm, a dairy, a greenhouse on a community vegetable farm, a maple operation, an animal sanctuary, a mushroom farm and a U-pick with a commercial kitchen. 

Forest Trees

Forest Life

Explore More!

At Wing Road Farm we are lucky to have 10 acres of beautiful hardwood forest with many species of ferns and mosses, lots of wildflowers, a wetland, a bubbling mineral spring, over 2 miles of trails in the woods linking us to another Wing family farm- Fossil Stone Vineyards, many tree species, and lots of logs to look under. We will spend a lot of our free time roaming about different areas, enjoying quiet moments, having outdoor story time or working on a craft or project with our hands.

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